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Chiquita is Not Afraid of the Dark!

Mental Health and Self-Love
Journey Leads to Finding Chiquita

Inspiration for Chiquita

Chiquita is Not Afraid of the Dark! is a light-hearted take on real mental-health struggles plaguing many individuals today.


The inspiration for creating Chiquita is rooted in my mental health and self-love journey, and I believe Chiquita represents the inner child in all of us.

About 'Chiquita is Not Afraid of the Dark!'

Throughout my journey, I have used (and continued to use) various tools to do my shadow work and heal my inner child. One day, in a deep time-travel meditation, I met Chiquita (Chiquita roughly translates from Spanish to “little girl” or “little one”), and at that moment, I met my inner child. At the time, I had been so focused on my struggle with my triggers and handling my fears/anxieties that I had completely overlooked where they came from. Here I was working on my current self while my younger self still held on to fears and anxieties.

By meeting my inner child (Chiquita), I was able to help guide her through a healing process where we faced our fears and learned to live with them rather than being handicapped by their existence. Applying the self love ideologies and skills (like the positive affirmation example in the story) can help someone in more ways than one outrightly may know. As much as I would love to believe it’s magic, there’s a psychological science behind affirmations (that works like magic 😉).

Not Afraid of the Dark?

Sometimes it’s not that we fear the dark, but rather, we fear the unknown of what is being held within the dark. Our shadow selves sit, day in and day out with our hidden (in the darkness) feelings that many of us do not want to face; for Chiquita, it manifested as el Cuco (Latin American equivalence to the boogeyman) for many of us, it is our past traumas and/or (shall we say) less attractive triggered qualities. But, like Chiquita learning to face el Cuco, we can face ourselves and learn to accept our fears and, in turn, accept ourselves.

About Chiquita

As you can imagine, Chiquita is Not Afraid of the Dark! contains positive affirmations, supports mental health journeys, and acts as a light-hearted story about overcoming/learning to live with one’s fears. It also contains mini-games to entertain the reader beyond the story itself – I won’t spoil the fun 😃. The Book also proudly supports LGBTQ+ parenting and families, as I believe the community is underrepresented in media, and I wanted to help change that narrative and normalize the family’s dynamics.

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Chiquita is Not Afraid of the Dark!

This book contains affirmations, mini-games, a thought-provoking meditation to do with your child, and some Spanish.


Proudly supporting LGBTQ and Mental Health Awareness.

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