Creative Ideas To Help Kids Make Healthy Decisions

Childhood is a time of trial and error, which can lead to kids making choices that are initially pleasurable but eventually harmful. As a parent, you’re responsible for helping raise kids capable of making healthy decisions for themselves. These unique suggestions from The Zen Warrior will aid you in guiding your kids toward healthy decision making.

Prepare Kids To Be Leaders

Teach children how to communicate frankly and respectfully and with integrity. Demonstrate how to negotiate win-win solutions with others that help everyone achieve their goals while never compromising on their principles. Such skills instill integrity and equip them to model healthy choices for others. Sports like gymnastics and tumbling are perfect communities to learn how to interact with others and gain leadership capabilities. 

Create a Vision Board

Focus the family on constructive goals with visual aids. Kids love to draw and create crafts, so a vision board is a great way to help them pursue their dreams. Assist the kids in setting realistic and attainable priorities, then decide on a system to track progress for accountability.


By painting pictures, images and words onto a canvas or bulletin board, young people can create visual representations of what they wish to achieve. This fun activity allows children to explore their dreams in an increasingly imaginative way over time, which keeps them engaged and excited about the journey towards achieving those goals. Plus, seeing their vision board every day can serve as positive reinforcement that inspires them to keep striving for the things they want most in life.

Let the Kids Help Craft the Diet Plan

People find it easier to eat healthy when they don’t feel restricted and enjoy their meals. Give kids a say in which food and snacks you keep in the house but use a system to track excessive calories. Allow indulgences from time to time, but balance sweets with natural options. Shop together as a family in health food stores where junk food is not an option so temptation doesn’t trap you unsuspectingly.

Teach Everyday Life Skills

Part of preparing children for adulthood means passing on how-to knowledge about life skills. While these can be skills to take into the world, like how to buy groceries, it’s good to start early with home skills such as properly washing clothes. Teaching these skills will serve them well their whole lives, and it will relieve you of some tasks at home! 

Reward Healthy Sleep Habits

Poor sleep can disrupt a child’s physical and mental progress, and electronic devices make it easy to start bad sleep routines young. Encourage children to keep a regular bedtime and waking hours by providing small toys and healthful treats for obediently sticking to a routine. Set a good example by limiting your social media and electronic device use.

Regularly See Your Doctor

One easy way to set a good example and ensure the health of your family is to make sure everyone is up-to-date on their annual health checkups. Even if you have health insurance to cover physical exams, regular doctor visits go beyond just paying premiums; they show your children that health should be a priority. Not only does this provide assurance that any problems can be detected and treated quickly, but it also teaches them proper preventive care and encourages them in developing healthy habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives. 

Practice Breathing Exercises Together

Researchers have determined that breathing practice helps fight stress, depression, and anxiety. Incorporate breathing exercises into family workout sessions and teach breathing routines as a mechanism for coping with distress and frustration. 

Use Video Games To Motivate Activity

Purchase video game systems with physically interactive games. Playtime on sedentary games can be earned by logging physical activity, which is easy to monitor with a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Make wagers on video game battles. For example, have the loser of a match do 25 jumping jacks while the winner coaches them. Install a digital wellness tracker to ensure children don’t spend too much time playing games.

Go For Walks

Going for walks together is an easy yet beneficial way to improve physical and mental health. In addition to promoting overall well-being, walking with your children can also help develop strong bonds and foster open dialogue between parent and child. Not only that, but being outside in nature has been shown to reduce stress hormones while helping children better concentrate in school by providing the opportunity to exercise and regulate energy. So grab those sneakers, consult a walk score map, and take a walk with your kids – you’ll feel great afterwards! 

Volunteer Together

Volunteering builds compassion and empathy. Also, spending time with the less fortunate provides opportunities to discuss the consequences of life choices. Instead of lecturing your kids, ask probing questions about why a person ended up in challenging circumstances and devise alternatives for how things could have been different. Strategize how your children can avert mistakes and learn to emulate people who have an abundance to share. 

Kids can be taught to enjoy making healthy choices. Prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow, teach them the importance of volunteering their time to important causes, and introduce them to healthy habits. As they understand how to live their best life, you may find they teach you a thing or two. 

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By: Amanda from Safe Children


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