The Zen Warrior

est. December 2020

Our Company

The Zen Warrior, LLC was created to provide a safe place where individuals can feel empowered by learning how to protect and defend themselves without the stress and anxiety from today’s competitive world of martial arts. 


The Zen Warrior is about finding yourself through martial arts, learning to listen to the positivity you have within, and overcoming the demons you face in your mind and in the people around you. 


Here, there is a focus on Self-Defense, Self-Love, and Self-Growth.


Our mission is to combine traditional Martial Arts teachings, meditation, and philosophies with modern philosophy, psychology, and holistic wellness practices.


Our Vision is to guide you in your journey of unlocking your inner Zen Warrior.


  • Self-Defense does not only mean physically fighting all the time, it also means learning to avoid conflict and/or talk your way out of altercations.
  • Being FIRM on your boundaries; means understanding that “No.” is a complete sentence and sticking to it.
  • Take moments to reflect on times when you might have been overly aggressive and learn to calm your future self to not continue old behaviors.
  • We know that loving yourself is hard sometimes, but here, we remind you that you are loved and you are worth defending and fighting for.
  • By fully loving yourself unconditionally you learn to love others unconditionally as well.
  • With self-love comes speaking to yourself with kindness; we encourage positive self-talk and peer encouragement. You can do it!
  • We know ‘hurt people, hurt people’, but did you know ‘healed people, heal people’? Learn to self-reflect on behaviors and actions of yourself that you would like to grow out of old patterns into the person you want to be.
  • Shift out of the victim mindset (if you have it) and into Survivor and Warrior mindset.

For a more in-depth understanding of my journey and the events that led me to establishing The Zen Warrior, LLC check out the blog post sharing my story.