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The Lower Northeast Shotokan Karate Club

My martial arts training started at Lower Northeast Shotokan Karate club; where students are taught Shotokan Karate, Aikido, and Judo by Sensei Timothy Heinsinger, who is dedicated to changing the lives of all the students who enter his dojo.


Sensei Tim Heinsinger “Rokudan” (6th Degree Black Belt) with over 40 years of experience, offers a variety of programs. Separate full martial arts programs for children and adults with achieving traditional belts in the SKA (Shotokan Karate Association) – Program runs year round.

Chroma Yoga

Kristine Alvarado is a 22 year old, certified yoga instructor, eager to build experience. She received her Associate’s Degree in General Studies and is currently pursing Psychology. She has a background in caring, working and volunteering with children. Along with experience of instructing small group yoga classes. She has been practicing yoga for 4 years and has been certified for one.

Kristine cheered competitively for ten years throughout grade school until the ending of high school. Because she spent a great deal of time being apart of a squad, exercising, and cheering, when she graduated high school, she found herself feeling constantly depressed and lacking in areas.


Within her first year of college, she enrolled in an introductory yoga course and was astonished at how much she loved the practice. The art of yoga allowed for her to better herself mentally and physically, build an understanding of the mind and body connection, and live more in the present moment. She has been practicing since and is eager to share the benefits of the practice with others.