Student Testimonials

"Self-defense has been an incredible class to take. We’ve covered a lot of important material even in just the four classes I’ve taken so far, ranging from basics all the way to things you probably wouldn’t even think about needing to know. With everything that’s been going on in the world, and the current climate of our country too, these skills just sky-rocket in importance and I think it’s definitely something we should all be learning. Sensei and Steph do an incredible job at making sure we know how to protect ourselves out in the world, while also making it a fun and relaxing environment, and making sure we have a really clear understanding of everything being taught and each situation we could encounter. I highly recommend this class to girls and women going off to school and work, especially those living in new and foreign areas, and to anyone who’s seeking an overall knowledge of self-defense."

"I learned so much from the Women's Self-Defense class. It makes me feel so much better going off to college having these skills. I feel more confident that if something ever happened that I would know how to react and defend myself. Definitely something that everyone should take the time to learn because it could save your life."

"Taking karate is one of the best decisions I have made. Self-defense is incredibly helpful to know. The way Sensei's Tim and Steph teaches us the moves is incredible, not letting us stop until we get it right. I feel so much better knowing I have a way of defending myself if something bad were ever to happen. I've learned so many useful techniques to get out of situations that no person would ever want to be in. Self-defense is something we should all be able to learn, and it is so important to know especially in the world we live in today. I would highly recommend taking karate lessons to everybody."

"The Zen Warrior was truly a lifesaver. I took online classes during the middle of the pandemic to help me fight depression and push through my anxiety. Sensei Stephanie was amazing. She was patient yet firm in her teachings: Delicate enough to help me understand each technique and powerful in helping me believe in myself through such difficult times. Taking these classes helped me gain confidence, discipline, and an overall newfound respect for Martial Arts. I highly recommend The Zen Warrior to everyone - It can save your life one day, in each and every way! I can only imagine how great in-person classes would be and cannot wait to attend one whenever I am in town!"

"Taking classes with Stephanie literally helped save my life. I was going down a dark path couldn’t see a way out. My life was plagued with stress from all directions and I was haunted by the past. I wanted it all to end. I looked in to the Zen Warrior self defense classes because I was interested in the spiritual aspect of karate. Hopeful it would help me find my way as it did with her; it has done that and more. I feel the Weight has fallen off my shoulders and feel like a bright future is in sight."